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Whatsapp is not free. When is your expiring?

For all the Whatsapp Messenger users, if you still remember most of you when installed it, you forgot to read that it is FREE !! just for 1 YEAR only after that you have to pay, and on iphone you have no trial even, pay 99 cents to get in touch with your friends.
Whatsapp users its your call, either pay 99 cents($1.99 in Android) or move to another app.
Well I would prefer the second option, in-fact if you are paying money for Whatsapp then I must prevent you from doing this. This market has numerous apps which provides similar service, its just luck for Whatsapp that it grew so fast.
Here is the list of few apps than you can try out with your friends. I am personally using Touch (pingchat).
·       Touch – (PingChat!) is an application available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android , with which we can contact with our friends, receive notifications via push, exchange multimedia content with them or chatting in groups. And a lot more to do.

·       E-Buddy XMS !!!  is a new app by e-buddy, and is free over Android, iOS and Blackberry. It’s the app you want, a complete replacement to Whatsapp Messenger. It is free and a cross-platform application from a renowned developer of chat industry. It will then try to send a verification code to your phone (via SMS) to make sure that you are the owner of the number. Once completed, eBuddy XMS can scan your address book to automatically find friends who are already using the same app so you can start messaging each other. It can also scan your Facebook friends and add them to its Contacts list.
·       Kik Messenger is another option that is available to iOS and Android , but until recently was available for BlackBerry . As PingChat!, Is based on an identifier that will be disseminated among our contacts and, therefore, have to add us to your list to talk to them. They are working on a version for Windows Phone 7 , so that the range of the application shall be extended to users of the mobile platform Microsoft .
·       LiveProfile for Android and iOS ,BlackBerry. The application, as well as allowing interaction via messages, supports the management of SMS inbox, sending multimedia content is free, however, also requires the use of an identifier that our contacts will be added.

Our Recommendation:
Use 'Touch' formerly known as Ping Chat !! 

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