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Whatsapp is not free. When is your expiring?

For all the Whatsapp Messenger users, if you still remember most of you when installed it, you forgot to read that it is FREE !! just for 1 YEAR only after that you have to pay, and on iphone you have no trial even, pay 99 cents to get in touch with your friends.
Whatsapp users its your call, either pay 99 cents($1.99 in Android) or move to another app.
Well I would prefer the second option, in-fact if you are paying money for Whatsapp then I must prevent you from doing this. This market has numerous apps which provides similar service, its just luck for Whatsapp that it grew so fast.
Here is the list of few apps than you can try out with your friends. I am personally using Touch (pingchat).
·       Touch – (PingChat!) is an application available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android , with which we can contact with our friends, receive notifications via push, exchange multimedia content with them or chatting in groups. And a lot more to do.

·       E-Buddy XMS !!!  is a new app by e-buddy, and is free over Android, iOS and Blackberry. It’s the app you want, a complete replacement to Whatsapp Messenger. It is free and a cross-platform application from a renowned developer of chat industry. It will then try to send a verification code to your phone (via SMS) to make sure that you are the owner of the number. Once completed, eBuddy XMS can scan your address book to automatically find friends who are already using the same app so you can start messaging each other. It can also scan your Facebook friends and add them to its Contacts list.
·       Kik Messenger is another option that is available to iOS and Android , but until recently was available for BlackBerry . As PingChat!, Is based on an identifier that will be disseminated among our contacts and, therefore, have to add us to your list to talk to them. They are working on a version for Windows Phone 7 , so that the range of the application shall be extended to users of the mobile platform Microsoft .
·       LiveProfile for Android and iOS ,BlackBerry. The application, as well as allowing interaction via messages, supports the management of SMS inbox, sending multimedia content is free, however, also requires the use of an identifier that our contacts will be added.

Our Recommendation:
Use 'Touch' formerly known as Ping Chat !! 

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A Google a Day - Hack

Google launched a site that shows a puzzle which can be solved using Google Search. “A Google a Day is a new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google. Questions will be posted every day on agoogleaday.com and printed on weekdays above the New York Times crossword puzzle,” informs Google’s blog.
Google a Day, an upside-down quiz game. Every weekday, Google will post a trivia clue.To answer the question, though, Google wants you to…Google it. According to Google  user experience researcher – Russell  says“With A Google a Day, we hope to educate people about all the ways you can search and all the things you can do with Google. The game is designed to help you get the most out of Google, triggering your imagination for the complex questions you can answer today, with a little help from the web.”
The most interesting thing about Google’s new site is that it uses an index called Deja Google which leaves out recent web pages. Russel says “To keep the game interesting for everyone, we created Deja Google – described as like  a wormhole inspired time machine that searches the Internet as it existed before the game began. Because nobody wants someone’s recent blog post about finding an answer spoiling their fun.”visit agoogleaday.com
And The HAck

1. View the source of the Page
3. Go to this link and search the question you got on the A Google a Day’s page and keep goin further you will find the answer just next to it  eg.
{"dayofweek": "THURSDAY", "rundate": "2011-07-14", "answerasseturl": "http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-hPPw0rAcSd8/Tgofa8vd5JI/AAAAAAAAARo/aQaWmp92Gpk/s128/image_answer_130x130_commonwealth.jpg", "question": "Four states call themselves \"commonwealths.\" What are the only two that share a border?", "answers": "Virginia and kentucky|Kentucky and Virginia|Virginia & kentucky|Kentucky & Virginia|kentucky AND virginia|Virginia/kentucky|Kentucky/Virginia|KY and VA|VA and KY|KY AND VA|KY & VA|VA & KY|KY/VA|VA/KY", "coloroverride": "NONE", "authorname": "Gwen Ifill, moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and senior correspondent for the PBS NewsHour", "howtoanswer": "Search [commonwealths] to find that Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia are all commonwealths. Use Google Maps to determine Kentucky and Virginia share a border.", "authorurl": "http://www.pbs.org/weta/washingtonweek/", "type": "TEXT"}

Thats it

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Facebook App for Normal Phones - Launches for 2,500 Mobile Devices

Facebook is launching a mobile application Tuesday designed to offer a fast and rich Facebook experience to users anywhere in the world on more than 2,500 Java-enabled mobile devices.
The new application is clearly designed to reach Facebook users with feature phones — otherwise known as “dumb” phones — or people who live in developing countries.
The Facebook for Every Phone app — available for download via m.facebook.com, and GetJar or Appia app stores — includes the Facebook news feed, inbox and photos modules.
Every Phone app users can also upload photos and find new friends from their address book contacts.
Facebook has partnered with 20 carriers in different parts of the world to give mobile users free data access for the app for 90 days. Partner carriers include Aircel, Airtel and Reliance in India, along with O2 Telefonica in Germany, Three in Indonesia and the United Kingdom, and Vodafone in Turkey.

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Google+ About To Hit 10 Million Users [REPORT]

Google’s social network, Google+, might be one of the fastest-growing networks ever, having already reached 10 million users according to one estimate.
Paul Allen, of Ancestry.com – not to be confused with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen – has developed an interesting methodology to calculate the number of Google+ members.
He sampled a number of surnames from the U.S. Census Bureau data and compared it to surnames of Google+ users. By comparing surname popularity in the U.S. with the number of users on Google+ with each surname, he can guesstimate the percentage of the U.S. population that signed up for Google+. Finally, he calculated a ratio of U.S. to non-U.S. users to generate an estimate for the number of Google+ users worldwide.
The result? According to Allen’s estimates, Google+ has approximately 9.5 million users worldwide, with 2.2 million joining in the past 32 to 34 hours.
This is amazing growth even for a giant such as Google: We cannot remember any social network reaching so many members so quickly after its release.
Coming from a third party, the data is obviously unofficial (we asked Google for comment on these numbers, but haven’t yet heard from them) and should be taken with a grain of salt. If they’re true, though, they indicate that – after so many stumbles – Google might finally be conquering the social networking arena.

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Social News and Web Designs and More Tutorials on Sociazine

Sociazine a perfect one stop social news magazine, it provides you with the most interesting and the best news all over Social Media.

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A new Tutorial Site - Crunch Labs hit the Roads

As the period of Wallhood moves on, Hangvirus and Wallhood's Code Crunching Lab - Crunch Lab has been setup to give out tutorials on 

  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML 5
  • MySQL
  • and more.....
Keeping it short and simple - 

Crunch Labs will from now onwards will be the section where all the experimentations over pieces of codes will be conducted. Crunch Labs is created as a subordinate to Wallhood and Hangvirus. Some key points to distinguish between the 3 websites.
  • Wallhood will work as a Social Networking Site without any alterations due to Crunch Labs or Wallhood Labs.
  • Hangvirus Techiez the Social media blog will work only on Social news and also some brief tips and tricks.
  • Crunch Labs will deal totally with codes and will give out tutorials and free codes and short news.

Also Crunch Labs is a separate set-up, therefore a new account shall be created within the labs if desired.

So lets gear up for some lessons here….   mostly you will see
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • C/C++
  • OpenCV
  • OpenGL
on this blog site.

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Generate Files using Jquery and PHP

When building a web application, you oftentimes need to give users the ability to download a piece of data as a file. It could be a backup of configuration settings, reports, or other piece of information that is generated dynamically.

The usual solution to this problem would be to have a dedicated export script that selects from a database and builds the file you need. However, as we will be proving in this short tutorial, there is another way.

We will make a jQuery plugin which, combined with a simple php script, can generate every kind of textual file, and make it available for download. You          

will initiate the download from your JavaScript front end by only providing the file contents, and leave the rest to the plugin.

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Coming soon: make your phone your wallet

Today in our New York City office, along with Citi, MasterCard, First Data and Sprint, we gave a demo ofGoogle Wallet, an app that will make your phone your wallet. You’ll be able to tap, pay and save using your phone and near field communication (NFC). We’re field testing Google Wallet now and plan to release it soon.

Google Wallet is a key part of our ongoing effort to improve shopping for both businesses and consumers. It’s aimed at making it easier for you to pay for and save on the goods you want, while giving merchants more ways to offer coupons and loyalty programs to customers, as well as bridging the gap between online and offline commerce. 

Because Google Wallet is a mobile app, it will do more than a regular wallet ever could. You'll be able to store your credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards, but without the bulk. When you tap to pay, your phone will also automatically redeem offers and earn loyalty points for you. Someday, even things like boarding passes, tickets, ID and keys could be stored in Google Wallet.

At first, Google Wallet will support both Citi MasterCard and a Google Prepaid Card, which you’ll be able to fund with almost any payment card. From the outset, you’ll be able to tap your phone to pay wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted. Google Wallet will also sync your Google Offers, which you’ll be able to redeem via NFC at participating SingleTap™ merchants, or by showing the barcode as you check out. Many merchants are working to integrate their offers and loyalty programs with Google Wallet.

With Google Wallet, we’re building an open commerce ecosystem, and we’re planning to develop APIs that will enable integration with numerous partners. In the beginning, Google Wallet will be compatible with Nexus S 4G by Google, available on Sprint. Over time, we plan on expanding support to more phones.

To learn more please visit our Google Wallet website at www.google.com/wallet.

This is just the start of what has already been a great adventure towards the future of mobile shopping. We’re incredibly excited and hope you are, too.

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Wallhood Giving You a New Social Service

Wallhood is a new name in the Social World. Like all other Social Networks it provides Users to interact with each other and also providing most useful features of Forums and Blogs.

For all the writers and people who use forums to know things and share things can get everything at one place now. No ned to scrap or post link to your website or Blogs, Let your friends and everyone go through your articles, and posts.

This newly launched Wallhood gives abundant features that prove to be very useful in our Social lives such features include - 

Music Sharing - Create your playlist and set your privacy setting and let your friends/everyone listen to your playlists, and if you listen to a song and you like it just add it to your playlist in one click.

Polls - Most of the Facebook users wanted to see some polling system which is provided by Wallhood.

Groups - Create your Groups, add members and tell everyone about it.

Events - You have an event ??? Then put it on and see the change.

Best guarantee given by Wallhood is that it will run perfectly even on Slower internet connections which even Facebook fails to provide. As it is a new fish in town, it has been hosted on a shared server so speed has to be compromised. 

With all such usable Apps and also the regular Features, Wallhood, by an Indian college student Rishabh Mehan,  shows a promising future.

Wallhood is in its own way is a unique platform.

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Top Best Android Apps

Here are the Android Apps that I currently love. It’s not a complete list, but it’s a pretty good start.
Music and sound apps
Apps for when you’re traveling
  • TripIt: keep track of trips and plane flights for upcoming travel
  • Google Translate: translate tons of languages into tons of other languages. You can also do voice-recognition-to-text for English, then translate. This app will even do text-to-speech (voice synthesis) in many languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
  • Yelp: Find great restaurants nearby. Pro tip: scan the reviews to discover good dishes to order.
  • Compass: also handy when you’re traveling
Social apps
  • Twitter: official Twitter app for Android. This app can take empty/missing pictures in your contacts and populate your contacts’ pictures with their Twitter profile pictures, which is nice.
  • Seesmic: another fantastic Twitter app for Android
  • Google Buzz widget: an easy way to post to Buzz from your phone. By the way, I’ve noticed myself using Buzz more and more recently. When I started on Twitter, it took me several months to warm to the service. I think the same principle applies to Buzz. Buzz fills a nice niche between Twitter (microblogging) and regular blogging. It’s great when you want to throw out one quick idea, but you need more than 140 characters. 
Cool demos / showing off
  • Google Skymap: move your phone to see where stars are. Like augmented reality for the sky.
  • Tricorder: shows all the different sensor readings of your phone. Includes accelerometer and tilt sensors, GPS and lat/lon, wifi, cell phone strength, compass, acoustic data–even solar activity.
  • Metal Detector: an app that detects metal. I still don’t know how it works (maybe it uses the magnetometer sensor that allows the compass), but it actually does work on many types of metal
  • Google Earth: most of the eye candy of Google Earth, but on your phone
  • LED Scroller: enter a message and your phone turns into a faux LED scrolling sign. Kinda low-tech, but impresses people more than I expected.
  • Hypnotic Spiral: makes a swirling spiral that you can control
  • The Schwartz Unsheathed: a light sword that makes cool sounds as you move your phone.
Signal strength apps
  • Wifi Analyzer: walk around and see a dynamic graph of wifi signal strength. Great for picking the right place to sit in an airport or cafe to get the best wifi signal
  • Antennas: shows a Google map with nearby antennas on it. Good for monitoring your phone’s signal strength
  • RF Signal Tracker (two versions, Donut and Eclair): another app to measure cell phone tower signal strength
QR Code and Barcode apps
  • Key Ring: scan your loyalty and other membership cards (e.g. Safeway, or your gym). Then use this app instead of carrying a bunch of membership cards around. I wish my phone could replace everything in my wallet.
  • App Referrer: shows all your installed apps. Click on an application and it will generate a large QR barcode on your screen that your friend can scan to install the same app.
  • Barcode Scanner: scan barcodes and QR codes. Very handy to install applications and visit urls. Note that the “Barcode Scanner” app (like App Referrer) can also show QR codes for applications — just press the options button. Can also show QR codes for contacts, bookmarks, and the clipboard.
Core apps / misc
  • My Tracks: records where you go using GPS and lets you upload a “track” to Google Maps
  • Navigation: get turn-by-turn directions as you drive
  • Movies: check movie times and see ratings from critics vs. audiences
  • Wheres My Droid: If you lose your phone and it’s in silent mode, this app will help you find your phone. I’ve tried Mobile Defense and that’s also very nice.
  • WordPress: Upload images and blog from your phone
  • Amazon.com: mobile shopping, plus add things to your Amazon wishlist
  • Shopper: Google app to scan barcodes and show product search results
  • BBC News: see the latest in world news. This is an unofficial widget.
  • News and Weather: customizable news, plus this app shows weather in your current location. Wish I could enter 3-4 cities and flick between weather reports though.
  • Weather: see the weather in multiple cities
  • Google Finance: check stock prices and news
  • Google Maps: see where you are
Google also offers a lot of mobile apps, but I just wanted to highlight my favorite applications.
Would also like to add few more which you can find easily in the Android Market for free - 
  • Strobe lights
  • Advanced Task Killer [ very important app ]
  • Fx Camera
  • Air Horn
  • ThinkFree Office

Okay, those are my favorite Android apps, but what did I miss? Which Android Apps do you love?

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