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PHP Tutorial - Installation and the Basics

Here is a video which will help you in knowing PHP at a glance and take you through the whole way of installing and running PHP codes.

After installing XAMPP,  Just go to the "HTDOCS" folder in the XAMPP directory.
1. There you can just make a 'new folder' and rename it example - "testphp".
2. In the folder write your PHP file and name it as you want eg. test.php
3. Open your Browser and in the address bar type as follows - "" and see the output of your code.


  • For the PHP files having name 'index.php', need not write the complete path to the file eg- if in the previous example we had "test.php" as "index.php" the the URL would have been "".
  • Instead of you can also write "localhost".
  • All the files should be created in the "HTDOCS" folder in the XAMPP directory, and should be accessed as told.
-For any Help kindly post a comment.
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