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iphone 4 cracked - more unknown specs

iPhone 4 is shipping very soon and we’ve the iFixit team tearing down iPhone 4 to reveal some great hardware.
The dissasembly reveals that replacing a damager display is a little more challenging, and the display and touch panel are all glued to the front glass, so it’s a total module replacement if the glass does break, which make it ver costly on repairs. However, the good part is the new Large  Li-ion battery  which is glued or soldered to the logic board, so it’s relatively easy to replace in case you need to.

The best part of the design is its marvellous  engineering of the wireless antennas into the stainless steel frame and bezel of the phone. Without a doubt,  the new antenna design would improve reception considerably and also reduce battery consumption when in weak signal areas. Apart from that, Apple has  also tuned how the iPhone chooses an open channel. It will “utilize whichever network band is less congested or has the least interference for the best signal quality, regardless of the actual signal strength.” According to iFixit, it should improve reliability even on AT&T’s network.Behold, the Lilliputian logic board of the iPhone 4.
Aluminum-based ceramic glass for the front cover (and believed to be used for the back cover as well). Identified as Corning Gorilla Glass, it is considered ideal for touchscreen devices because of its strength, light weight, and resistance to scratching or damage.
As known earlier, iPhone 4 is powered by the Apple A4 processor, has 512MB of RAM compared to the iPad’s, iPhone 3GS’s 256MB. A good thing to have for multitasking, better game graphics, high-resolution apps. Though A4 is 1Ghz, Apple seems to have underclocked it to 800Mhz to preserve few hours of extra battery juice. As per the benchmarks too, its slower than the iPad but way faster than the iPhone 3GS.
Other Motherboard components Skyworks cell radios, Broadcom WLAN and GPS, STMicro accelerometer and gyroscope, a TRiQuint GSM chip, Samsung flash memory, Apple-branded Cirrus Logic audio codec, TI touchscreen controller, and Numonyx RAM.

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